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It's snow wonder...

Last week the squirrels were busy gathering acorns and even whole apples!  I was not quick enough to capture a photo of a large squirrel climbing the pine tree with an apple bigger than his head, but I managed to see him sitting up in the tree enjoying a snack.  Today MiniD and Jojo just could not resist going outside to make snow angels.  I want the snow to get a bit deeper before I make one.
You have to look closely to find Mr. Squirrel.
MiniD and Jojo making snow angels. 
Two little angels.
Knitting...I am making progress on Eala Bhan.  I made it past row 21 and once I am on the second chart, the knitting will be smoother.  A baby cardigan is in progress.  I bought another skein of the Bernat Mosaic.  The color-way will be nice for  a boy.
Ben is presenting and defending his senior thesis tomorrow.  Naturally he is a bit nervous, but he will survive this busy week filled with classes, more papers, swim practices, student government, and leading study sessions...and I think I am busy?  He will be home in two weeks, which makes us very happy.  This last year of college is speeding along.
Time to get back to work re-organizing my office.

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Joanne said...

Love the snow angels! Time sure flies. Wow! Ben is a senior.... :)