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Jim and I had a nice weekend.  We hiked on Saturday at the Coon Rapids Dam and I took my camera along.  The weather was perfect, the Mississippi River was high, and there were lots of people out and about in the park.  Of course, the main attraction when you arrive is the dam.  On one side of the bridge the water is calm and reflective and on the other side it flows fast and hard.  The sound is very loud and watching the iron-colored river water is mesmerizing.  Just below that area is where we went canoeing.  Right now it is a bit dangerous and some of the entry points and locks are closed.

Jim checks his GPS on our way inside the park.
Self-portrait o{]:^)
Calm waters on one side...
Rushing water over the dam on the other side.

Spider webs decorate the bridge.

Bits of color on the walk.

A deer plays in the water.  We enjoyed watching
it dance and jump in the water.

Three turtles sunning on a small island.

A deer checks us out before running away.

Lots of fishermen out--I do not know if they had any luck.

The iron-brown color reminds me more of coffee or root beer.

The churning water looks like it is boiling.

Jim walking to the car with a couple of Canada geese.

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Flutterby Patch said...

You have some very dramatic wide open spaces (and good weather). We have rusty brown waterfalls here so I'll be thinkig of you next time I see the coffee/root beer tumbling over! Have a good weekend.