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A little bit of Wood Badge bling

I have been busy getting ready for course.  I made some bling for the patrol flags, staff, my patrol, and other Bears (I am part of the Bear Patrol).  I could not find a stamp, so I made one.  Fortunately there were materials in my art supplies!  I bought some wooden discs, lanyard clips, and leather cording.  I had plenty of beads and leather scraps left over from our days in Cub Scouting.  Copper and gold paint were in the paint bin, and showed up nicely on the wood and leather.  I could not find Jim's drill, so I used my hand drill to put holes in the pieces.  Stamping went much quicker!  A few beads added before tying on the lanyard clips and they were finished.  Now to add the course number and my initials to the ones for my patrol and the patrol flags.  I might have to make more for Philmont.

The stamp and one of the leather shapes with a gold bear.
I used copper and gold paint on the stamp.
The whitish pony beads glow in the dark.  


Jennifer said...

Love the bling! It's very creative. The beads are especially cute. Now if you just made some antelope bling....

Deborah said...

I'll be sure to bring bling to the Jamboree. Our course was small so we didn't have Antelopes or Buffalos. I'll have to make a special one for you. I hope we can meet up somehow!

abbartski said...

just finished my first weekend of woodbadge, simply outstanding experience. i go back in three weeks for the outdoor experience. i want to bring a gift for each patrol member. i love what you did. do you have any specific instructions you can share in an effort i dont' screw this up? thanks bunches ahead of time my fellow bear....
stay well,

Deborah said...

These are easy. I made a simpe stamp and used copper and gold craft paint to stamp on the wooden disks. I drilled a hole in the disk and strung a length of thin leather through the hole with a small clip and a couple of beads. Same process with the leather.

I took them with me when I visited patrols for lunch and supper as flag bling. The Bears each got one and one for their flag.