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Birthday wishes and snow!

Happy 100th Birthday to the Boy Scouts of America!

We're in the grip of a good old-fashioned snow!  It's realy lovely, but a little bit of a pain to have to drive in it.  I have to work today and tonight.  A good day to wear my uniform!  My new sweater looks nice with my uniform...the rusty brown matches the khaki and O D green!  
As I look out my window I can see that we're at about 15" or so.  It felt like a LOT more when I was shoveling it off the deck this morning!  Jim had to re-plow Eevee's trails in the back yard.  This is good snowshoeing weather.  Maybe we'll be able to do that over the weekend.  
I've finally got a photo of the Rustic cardigan, which looks very nice with my uniform today.  I had one of my students take a photo of me this morning after class.

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Joanne said...

Great cardigan! You look great too!