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Ooo-ahh, cables!

The color's not accurate, but the photo shows off the back cable texture. I fought off the knitting demons over the weekend and now making progress toward the upcoming split. At first I didn't like KTBL for the cables, but it makes the detail pop out as the work progresses. Sometimes you have to trust the process. That means practicing what I preach to my students.
After a nice weekend, we have snow again. I'd like to stay home today and just keep purging the basement and my office, but I
have class today. The spinning fiber is down to four under-the-bed tubs and the yarn stash is in four tubs (of course this doesn't include the small dresser, two small cedar chests, knitting bags and antique suitcase. Most of the yarn is leftover from other projects or handspun, and only one tub has actual fiber for larger projects. The knitting side is in good shape, now for the art side (that includes the closet). I've been working on the basement, too. The tubs are now in the corner and I moved the dresser closer to the door. I can feel it today! Time to get back to work!


Kathy said...

Wow! I had no idea that you had such a stash. Would you please come to my house and start organizing?

The vest is looking great. Now that you mention it, I remember thinking the twisted stitch cable was weird when I first started the pattern. You'll like the look when it's done.

Deborah said...

I thought YOU were more organized than me! I'm short yardage for St. B., any suggestions? I'm looking for something that doesn't pill so much! It may be a long time before I can find (buy)$omething.