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This post would have made more sense yesterday. We had quite a lot of snow. It was so pretty when I took the photos, but is quickly melting...well, at least the most recent layer!
The clock vest is going fairly well. I have to get through the first couple of rows of the cables on the fronts and sides. Thank heaven for charts! That was the problem with the cardigan--written instructions for the cables. What a pain! When the pattern's established, then I'll post some photos.
The Sigi Freud design went over well at the high school, so some of the teachers will order one. B
en's German teacher wants me to design the German Club t-shirt for next year. This year's was a big hit. Just to let you know how much times have changed--his cigar got edited--I turned it into a pencil!

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Joanne said...

I really like charts for my knitting now, too. So, much easier to read. Sigi is great! You are very talented! The snow is gorgeous too. We actually had frost the other night, yep, in TX.