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I'm back!

We're expecting 74 today with sunshine. Eevee and I will go for long walkies today.
Ben had a blast at the prom and looked so handsome. His date was a really nice girl. The parents and the kids met at a park and had a photo session. It was very cold, but we got some nice pictures of the couples. I made dinner for Ben, his date, and her friend. Jim and I waited on them. Ben's date works at a restaurant and brought two pies. Fresh strawberry and a berry pie. YUM! The tulips were the centerpiece on the table. Note the color of her dress--he was glad it wasn't pink or purple. They looked sharp. It seems as though purple was the color this year.
I've been working on another design--this time for the economics class. Ben took it to school to show his teacher.
The vest is progressing. I want to finish the back soon. I keep making mistakes...the vest goes where I go, and I need some uninterrupted knitting time so I can focus on the traveling pattern.

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