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A fresh coat of snow and a new start

I decided to post of photo of the vest--what's left of the old and the new beginning. I rip to a point and knit from the old. After all these years I still don't own a ball winder--I know, I know--one of these days I'll get one. I didn't set up the shot; I just opened the knitting bag and let the contents burst out. (Sigh)
Anyway, I'm not posting a photo of the sno
w. I have enough photos of that this year. It was in the upper 70s earlier this week. Tomorrow we play bells in church, so I can wear black comfortably. However, I will change before class. Black is so funereal. We look good when performing, though.
Ben and I went to the musical last night. "A" is first chair violin, and she was playing in the pit. The kids did a great job with Beauty and the Beast. We know another cast member (one of the silly girls in the musical). Ben saw lots of people he knew. That red letter jacket really stands out. The other school's color is blue.

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