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Music to my ears!

We performed the piece (along with three others from our repertoire) we commissioned for Carolynne for the church concert yesterday. It was great. I seem to be of average height until I see a photo or video of myself--I'm shorter and smaller than I think!
Pictured is my little flock in the office. My two faithful collies guard t
hem. It's sunny and the grass has greened up beautifully. I'm ready for spring--not the heat, though.
Yesterday I took some photos of Ben for his announcements. That's like pulling teeth. His face is easy to read, so when he's not happy and relaxed--it definitely shows! I'll get those done today. He didn't want a party or an official birthday party this year--he'll invite some friends over for a barbecue and bonfire (in
the fire pit). Wow, Costco did a great job on the announcements, an hour turnover, and they were able to use the photo Ben wanted. He's set! It's a shame he couldn't use his senior photo, but copyright laws rule.
Busy day today (5.6.08). Appointment at 9, Mom, and then a knitting group at a coffee shop tonight. I hope there's a good turnout and that Kathy's there, too (hint).


Joanne said...

Love your sheep! How's the vest coming along? :)

Deborah said...

The vest is progressing nicely--I'll post a photo sometime soon. I'm swatching for a cotton cardigan, now.