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Here's the new addition to the stash. Fifteen skeins at 60% off!
I've started a cardigan with Araucania hand-dyed cotton I got at the shop. Right now it's not interesting enough to photograph, but the colors are very pretty (the colors in my skeins appear softer than in the photo). I opened up all the skeins at the shop and matched the colors as closely as possible before I purchased them. The cardigan has self-finished bands on the fronts, so using two skeins to blend the colors wasn't working out as I'd hoped. I'm just going to knit on and hope for the best--so far, so good. For the record, I don't understand why some designers pick such unflattering colors for their items on patterns. I ignored this pattern until I saw the shop sample Carol knitted. That variegated yellow/white yarn in the pattern's photo is awful! Some colors aren't flattering in photographs.
Today is Ben's birthday. We went out to eat (Pittsburgh Blue) and took "A" along. It was fun. Ben got a red velvet cupcake with a delicate cream cheese frosting, sitting in a pool of strawberry sauce, and a sparkler. Thankfully this isn't the type of restaurant that has the employees gather around and sing! We sang to him, though. I baked the 3 layers for his cake before we left and today I'll make the frosting. He's having friends over on Saturday for some BBQ, games, and possibly an outdoor movie. His buddy has a projector and if the weather permits, we'll rig up a movie screen for the kids.


Kathy said...

Got any plans for your find? It's so purty. I can't wait to see what it becomes.

How was the bday dinner? Steak. Yummm.

Deborah said...

Yup, it was good. I got the blue cheese crusted petite filet mignon--OH YEAH! Ben really enjoyed it, too. I'm thinking possibly a Knitting Pure and Simple buttonless cardigan or pullover tunic. We shall see. The texture is so nice, that a plain stockinette stitch will be perfect.

Joanne said...

That yarn is really nice. Your plans for it sound wonderful too.
Happy Birthday Ben!!!!