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Winding everything in sight

I got my Mother's Day gifts last week. As Jim calls them, yanks for my hanks. I've used the tools before, but never bought any for myself. It is nice to have new toys!! We're winding down the school year and bells, and gearing up for the trip and college.
I'm progressing with the back of the vest. I started a little cotton cardigan, but now I'm not sure if I like the pooling colors. The pattern has a self-finishing edge, which makes using two skeins sloppy (I'm a stickler for smooth transitions on the back side of my knitting). Cotton is unforgiving, so I'm re-thinking this one. Maybe I can go top down or something. I have enough to do the little sweater on the current cover of Vogue Knitting. The multi-directional knitting would enhance the yarn. We'll see.
The grass is green and the leaves are making shade. Even though we're below normal in temperature, the weather is so much better. I'll take that! I can still wear some of my lighter sweaters.


Kathy said...

You will love your new yarn toys. Most yarn stores wind yarn way too tightly, so now you can do it yourself.

Could you make your 2-skein yarn change on your cardigan in between the body and the self-finishing edge? Just make the yarn switch in the selvedge instead of the very end. I'm working on the Sideways Cardigan right now. I almost have the back done. It's a nice, quick project. If you switch projects, make sure you check out the corrections for this pattern on the Vogue Knitting web page. The chart is helpful for shoulder decreases.

Deborah said...

I'll probably frog and redo. I really like the Vogue cardi. It's soo cute and I think it would show off the variegated yarn much better. I used to wind yarn at the shop in TX, and I don't wind for speed. I agree about the tightness of the rewound skeins.