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I'm not entirely convinced it works to kill of any beasties in the fiber, but my new roving is in the freezer downstairs. Joanne, the ball on the left is Coopworth, mohair, and silk; and the ball on the right is wool and silk (I didn't unwind it to find the tag, sorry).
I noticed that there was lots of roving with sari silk threads running through the wool. Very nice touch. One booth had lovely Alpaca yarn, although much was dyed
with Kool-Aid, which I don't think was a good choice! (This, from the Kool-Aid Queen herself!) I didn't buy any. There were lots of ooohs and ahhhs, and the Pygora was like a cloud! I like it better than angora. Tempting, but I didn't want to card anything right now. Lots of plant fibers from corn, etc. and, of course, recycled jeans (thank heaven my stash of that from Texas was spun years ago!) and Fox Fiber! I still have quite a lot of that to spin from Woolenworks.
The nostepinne is a perfect size an
d I love the apple wood. The colors of the roving could work together. Kim got a deep brown with the sari threads running through and it is gorgeous! I'm surprised I missed it, but I need some new colors. Maybe because of our long winter I'm leaning toward pastels and muted color this year. I have particular vendors that I liked last year and they had consistently good wares again this year. I have lots of cards that need to be organized--later.
Pictured are a couple more cuties we met at the festival.


Joanne said...

Those are gorgeous colors! Yes, the freezer will kill any buggies. Trust me. :) You will have fun spinning those fibers too.

Deborah said...

Jim took it out of the freezer last night. I'd actually forgotten about it, so it was fun to see it again!