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This is what you could say is a lucky shot. Just 20 minutes before the tree fell, Ben moved his car. The tree would have split the Jeep. We spent quite a bit of time in our yard, we helped neighbors, they helped us. We spent the first half of today bundling branches. Jim hosed off the house. There's grit and dirt on everything. We'll lose some of the oak trees in the yard, but our house is okay. One of the trees outside the dining room has a large branch hanging (we can't get to it, yet) and part of the tree is split. Jim and I moved the hanging branch around so if the tree breaks it'll fall away from the house and our fence. At least our street just lost trees--We heard that the neighborhood next to ours lost roofs and a town east of here had terrible damage.
Right now I'm just pooped and my wrists are sore from all the lifting and dragging. The photo on the right is around the corner from us. You can see in which direction the winds blew!

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