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A healthy dose of fiber does wonders for the soul!

Yesterday I went to the Shepherd's Harvest Festival in Lake Elmo with Kim and her daughter, Emily. Kim's friend met us there (she's a spinner!!). Oh, did we have fun despite the chill and rain! The pin was the make and take for $1! There were lots of scraps of textiles to choose from, and it was fun to sit and visit with people that walked by and with my friend. Three of my students came by, too! I bought a lovely small nostepinne made of apple wood, another short set of Japanese circulars, and some spinning fiber (naturally!). I'll post photos later. We all agreed that lunch would not consist of lambburgers, so loaded baked potatoes were a tasty option. We watched the sheepdogs work--one was a tri-color collie (like Eevee) and it was a treat to see it work. Lots of barking at first. The border collies are stealthier when they work. We walked through the sheep barn before we left and visited with the sheep and some goats. All that bleating is funny coming from all directions and various pitches. The two pictured were my favorites. They jumped up to see us up close!
Happy Mother's Day!

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Joanne said...

Wow! So glad you were able to go see sheep! Those sheep were trying to go home with you, they heard you make a great sheep shaped cake!
What kind of sheep did your fiber come from?