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Spring--at last!

It finally really feels like spring today. Sunny and breezy, just the right temp (even though we're a tad below normal), and my hanging baskets seem to be doing okay. Unlike Kathy I'm not the gardener--I can paint flowers, I lack the talent for growing them!
My attempts at Ravelry are improving. I've listed one of my stash yarns. Lordy, I have many more to go!
I'm back to finishing the back of the vest. I have to re-think the little cotton cardigan. I love the yarn--not the pooling color, even though it's very pale. I'll probably use it for the Vogue pattern and leave it at that. Thanks for the head's up on the corrections, Kathy!!
I still need a great project to take to Germany--maybe socks (
did I really say that?), or a neck down something or other. I know I'll not be on the lookout for yarn, two years ago was disappointing compared to the years we lived there. They have great buttons, which I will be sure to bring back bunches!
The shop just got the little DPNs in and I have to go check them out!!

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