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And now for something completely different...visions of spring!

It's dreary outside and I need a dash of color (from something other than yarn!). Yesterday I took a 5-mile walk with a friend and it was wonderful to be outside. I wish I'd taken my camera, as we saw a turtle and some lovely little wildflowers peeking out from the drab ground. The wind was blowing and the temperature was perfect. It was cloudy, which was okay.
The painting on the left is one I did
in Germany. I remember that day in April. The carpet of yellow--dandelions. This scene was the park by our apartment where I walked the dog daily. It is huge and the gardens are beautiful. To the right is a small painting from an art work week I took in Scottsdale, Arizona. Our group had the pleasure of spending the day at a home in the Camelback Mountain area of Phoenix. I didn't have a fancy French easel like everyone else (my Dutch paintbox has an easel on the lid), so I sat on the ground by these nasturtiums. When we took a lunch break, everyone walked around and checked out the paintings in progress. Other artists loved my viewpoint, and a few even took the opportunity to sit on the ground and paint. I love to paint en plein aire. I'll have to take my compact watercolors and sketchbook with me on the trip this time.

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