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Hello Bianca, Auf Wiedersehen Penelope...

The past couple of weeks have been busy for us. Ben now has his license, which is nice. I've been furiously knitting on the PB. It knitted up beautifully, the size was correct, but when I tried it on after 3-NBO for the shoulders it looked awful. It's just not flattering on my body at all. This is the petite size and I cannot imagine this on a 51" bust! Now I know why Oat Couture shows their sweaters on sticks! By the way, I got an e-mail from them and there is 4" of ease built into the fit, so if you're a 32, you'd make the 36" finished size.
Anyway, since I have enough yarn, I looked through all my patterns, and decided that I needed another Bianca's Jacket from the Fall 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. I liked the pattern so much, and the silk will be just gorgeous. People often ask me why I don't weave in ends as I go--this is why--unless I'm positive I'm going to like the finished project I never weave (and cut) ends as I go. The jacket is on the left along with the photo. It's knitted with Jo Sharp yarn in a wool/silk/cashmere blend, which feels like wearing a hug. It's light and soft with a rustic look. The color shown is Twig. The PB is knitted with Plymouth's Shire Silk. It's a beautiful pale bluish color over the natural warm silk color. I'll be able to wear it all year. I don't think I've ever done a sweater twice in my life. One never stops learning, does one?


Joanne said...

Oh, no, am I to understand that you are ripping out the PB? Well, I would too, if it didn't fit. I am so sorry. However, you will probably be very happy with the Bianca. Your knitting is gorgeous on the PB though. Good job.

Kathy said...

Your cardigan looks great. Sorry about the Penelope. It has been the summer of frogging, hasn't it? Keep telling yourself, "It's the process, it's the process." Make sure you wear your new sweater the next time we get together.