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Friday Follies

What a nice day I had with my buddy, Kathy. She made me the cotton washcloths. Ooooo--I just love the colors and texture! Something fun I've never knitted myself and now maybe I will. These are really nice. We met for coffee, then set out for Shepherd's Choice Farm. The leaves are starting to turn and it's a pretty drive. We both picked up yarn for their charity project "Knit for Peace," sweaters and hats for gypsy children in Hungary and Romania.
When I got home there was a package
by the door! Ooooo--from my other buddy, Joanne! Mmmmm--fiberrrrr! The photo doesn't do the colors justice. I think that spool of silk noil thread I've had for years and that almost ended up with the wool/silk blend has a NEW home--plied with this fiber! All of this surely makes up for the BII fiasco from last night. (I have the pieces joined again, by the way.)
Autumn is in the air...

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Kathy said...

It was a fun day! It didn't end so well for Andover in your backyard, but it was a nice night for a football game. Tonight the guys go to the Gophers. I'm knitting!