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I knew my skills were handy...

I just e-mailed Ben's German teacher the design for the German Club t-shirt. She has the font for the wording. Ben and I came up with the idea over the summer and he showed it to the kids. They all loved it. The high school mascot never looked so good!
I have on
e sleeve done and will start another one tonight. Jim's golfing and Ben's timing at the swim meet.
Red is o
ur theme for today. To the left is my other project--the Aran cardigan from Two Sticks and a String (it should be Two Sticks and a Hangman's Noose). The appendages are the saddle shoulders extending from the collar. I had most of the back done--this is the pattern that had a mistake in the center back cable. I dislike written instructions and prefer charts for color work and cables. Anyway, I frogged back to the shoulders and have to dig up the nerve to begin again. It looks as though the weather will be an inspiration--cooler temps on the way. Now I'm in the mood to knit with wool again!

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