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Temptation got the better of me today!

10 September--I'm back to teaching again, which puts me around all that wonderful yarn, which made me take another look at the Romy Cardigan, which made me break down and get some yarn for my cardigan. I looked and looked online and in my catalogs, but nothing jumped out at me until my eyes fell upon a heavenly color nestled on the shelf of Cascade 220 yarn. I only needed seven skeins, so with my discount it's going to be one of my cheaper projects (oh yeah)! I just have to knit this project in wool. The yardage per skein is just a bit more, but I can adjust that with GAUGE. (My regular students know me and one of my new ones learned about me and gauge yesterday. It's a step you can't fudge.) I like the heathery color of this yarn and it isn't even fern or moss green! The Bianca's going well, I have the back, one sleeve and part of a side done. When all the pieces-parts are done, I'll post photos of the joining.
11 September--To the right is the next project. The photo doesn't do the color justice. The heathery color will lend itself well to the design and the smooth wool will make the cable work look beautiful.

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Kathy said...

I knew you'd succumb to the calling of the cables. The yarn looks like a great choice.