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Fabulous Friday

Making great progress on Bianca II. Here's sleeve #2. It's so gorgeous outside I can't possibly stay in all day, so I'll take Eevee walkies--maybe we'll visit Mom. She'd like that.
After the first week of school Ben has realized how convenient it is to have a car and how inconvenient it is when you don't have one for a couple of days. His needed a little work, and now it's back. It was crazy yesterday. One of those days I had to be in three places at once. Morning Break at church started, and I love that. It's nice to catch up with the gals.
I went out to JoAnn, ETC and got some shell buttons for the sweater. The shape I wanted was too small, so I got these. We'll have a moment of silence tonight for the joining of the pieces-parts.

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