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The BII has landed!

I just finished steaming the BII and she looks pretty good. I like the fit and drape of the silk. Unfortunately, the photos don't do justice to the color, but you get the idea. Now I'm ready to move on to other projects.
Ah, other projects... I've had a canvas on the easel since Mom moved here, my darkroom equipment waits patiently, yards of roving are ready to spin, sweaters to be designed, etc... I like translating patterns into beautiful garments and teaching others, but there's nothing like creating your own work. That's it! I miss being original. My creativity is getting lost right now--my spark is gone. Yesterday, while we were having lunch, out of the blue Mom asked me about the last time I did a painting, which took me off guard--ZING! She loves all my knitting, but she can tell it's not satisfying enough. Mom may be 91, but she still knows me very well. Mmmm, now that's food for thought!

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