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Well, I made it through another birthday! My new glasses came in. The frame shape is different and during bells I was getting a strange reflection at the bottom.
Good news! Ben got his first acceptance letter! Yea! One down and two or three to go.
To the right is the yoke on the BII. I wasn't paying attenti
on and worked all of chart 2, which made the neck higher. I like it and will just leave it like that. I have one side almost sewn and will be able to finish the other later today. Then the fun begins--picking up the edges. I'll have just a few more stitches because of the higher neck. My buttons are bigger, so I can spread out the button loops. See? It all works in the end! The silk has nice drape, and I can see why the original was done up in silk. Sigh...so ends the BII. A very successful pattern and knitting experience. I promise that I'll take a photo wearing it so you can see it on a real body.
Scratch t
hat--Here's a photo of knitting gone bad. Because I'm anal about seams, I thought the underarms could have been done better. Duh-uh! I'll fix it and work on it over the weekend. I need to post this photo to remind MYSELF not to overwork! I KNOW better than that--in painting you have to know when to stop. Too bad I haven't applied that advice to this project!!! Oh crumb! We'll have to wait on this one a little while longer.


Nancy K. said...

Happy Birthday Deborah!!!!

You're only 2 1/2 hours away from me! You should come to my party on Saturday.... ;-)

I found your blog through your comment on mine. I'll be visiting often ~ NICE blog!

Kathy said...

Looks good. You are the official expert for this pattern. Wish you could wear it tomorrow. Wear the other one instead. I want to see how it looks on you.