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Here's what I've been up to the last few days. Tomorrow's the open house for the shop and I'm wet-felting and spinning (yea!). I had a bag of wool (2 oz.) in various colors to work with, and the items you see are my samples. I have enough left over to work with tomorrow, too. The ghost is inlay (Kathy--I used a couple of thin layers of the wool batting you gave me for the backing), the sheep is needle-felted over layered felt and mounted to cloth-covered foam-core board. My favorite is the little bag--I layered wool over a rock and felted it (took forever!!), then I sliced it open (the inside is gold) and then embellished. The ornaments are something I've done for years. To save on wool, I used yarn balls for the cores. My hands are sore, so I'm done until tomorrow.
Check ou
t the needles I bought from my friend, Connie! She's great at finding the best stuff! They're really short, one-piece, flexible plastic and I LOVE the package--I can't read Japanese, but it's so globally way cool!
Yesterday, we did polymer clay pins at Morning Break. I have so many canes, so we did pins. We used thin cane slices on "junk clay" bases and then either sent them through the pasta machine or rolled them, then cut into shapes. Everyone that made them did a great job and the project used up some of the stash, which makes me happy. I was feeling a bit low early yesterday, but once we got going with the project, and then out to lunch, I felt much better. That's such a nice group of women! Nothing like an injection of friendship to cure what ails you.

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