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Easter snow

Nothing says Spring like a fresh coat of snow! I WILL wear the outfit I planned tomorrow! I may have to wear my heavy coat, though.
As you can see, the body and sleeves are now joined
. Naturally I don't like it--not the pattern, just the Lopi looks awful until it's blocked. I'll worry about that after I add the collar and bands. I'm sweating that because I'll probably have just enough of the with none to spare--I HOPE!
I'm baking a cake today to take over to Mom's tomorrow. I'll use half the lamb mold and make a sheet cake to put it on for a baaa-relief effect (PUN INTENDED!!). That's the plan, anyway.
Once I finish the cardigan, then I'll move on to the red cardigan. Then I'll start the one from Swallowtails. I've been sooo good about not buying any new yarn lately. It feels good to get projects finished that've been in the works for so long.

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Kathy said...

The sweater looks great--not loving the snow.

We're killing a couple hours in Pheonix on our way back from Hawaii, so I thought I would check and see what you were up to these days. Congrats to Ben on the scholarships. That's exciting.

Looks like we are boarding soon.
Happy Easter!