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Frohe Ostern! Happy Easter!

We have more snow. Could be worse, the snow could be black and icky. It's actually very pretty. I did wear my outfit and my long, heavy coat, so I'm stylin' today.
We're fixing the Honeybaked goodies, and then after lunch we'll take the cake over to Mom's and have dessert. Speaking of the cake--It worked! I was able to fit the front half of the sheep into the pan. There was a bit of surgery involved with the nose and ears, but it's cute and I know it'll taste good. I used my favorite butter cake recipe and made buttercream icing. A touch of food coloring for the sky, and a bit in the coconut for the grass, a few M&Ms--looks yummy.
I'm working on the collar of the cardigan and checking my skein. Looks iffy, but I'll soldier on and hope that there's enough.
Enjoy the day!


Kathy said...

How was the cake? I'd have hated to cut it. Good that you took a picture. So cute.

I share your yarn shortage fears. My pullover is getting down to the nubbins. I might have to lop off some length. It is not fun to have to reknit sport weight yarn. Boo hoo.

Deborah said...

Yup, I go for the head area first so I don't have to feel too guilty. It's those jellybean eyes, you know...The glas ordered another ball of green for me. Good thing it's for the bands and not the body!!