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Almost another pair!

Well, I almost have another pair of socks. I've started the instep of the bamboo pair. Ugh! I just don't enjoy making socks. They're great portable projects, but BOR-ING! The short double-pointed needles are wonderful to work with, though. I particularly like my size US2/2,75mm Bryspuns. No photo, yet.
Bellfest went well. We rocked our solo! (I hope the link works--I'm fourth from the right--Stacee's hubby filmed us. She's second from the left.) There were over 30 bell choirs and we were really packed in, but was fun and the conductor was great! He made the day go quickly.


Kathy said...

Very calypso on the bells! I liked your colored gloves.

Don't socks suck after awhile? They are a good portable project, but like watching paint dry to knit.

Deborah said...

Yup, sometimes Carolynne allows us to wear color! Sue and I wore one of each color.
Tell me about it! I finally finished the bamboo heel for the umteenth time. It's like watching oil paint dry!