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Seeing red in the immediate future

While I wait for the skein of green (the gals at the shop ordered one for me), it looks as though I'll pick up the red cardigan for a while. I've been reading over the pattern again to wrap my brain around the construction and the mistake in the center back cable. I know it's two stitches off. This book has no charts, just written instructions, which I don't really like. Interesting sweaters, but don't pay full price for the book. I purchased a used copy years ago.
The collar on the Lopi cardigan is bound off and looks nice--I don't think I'll frog that. However, I may rework the cuffs by putting the stitches on double-points and doing a snip-snip with scissors. We'll see...

I have lots of flowers around, and I'll keep a few Easter-y things up until the weekend. There's a little cake left. It's really good. The recipe was from an old Betty Crocker cookbook I no longer have. It was called the Bonnie Butter Cake with French Silk Frosting (three layers of yellow cake frosted with chocolate!). It's got 2/3 cup butter in the cake and 2/3 cup butter in the chocolate frosting. It's Jim and Ben's favorite and Jim's always called it the Debbie Butter Cake.

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