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Two sleeves are better than one!

I'm finishing the second sleeve (yeaaa!). This will be a warm sweater, and using the Lite Lopi will make it not so heavy in weight. There is just enough white (I have a small checkerboard to do after this brown bit), and I have plenty of brown. I hope the green hold out for the collar and bands. I'm on the last bits of Fair Isle. From that point it's all go with GREEN!
Good news on the college front. Ben received a $1,000 Eagle Scout scholarship from the council, AND received a four-year 75% scholarship from his college! We are so proud. The latter one started out
with 800 applicants, narrowed to 400 finalists (that's when we drove over to the school last month), and then 17 received scholarships. We are very proud of him. He deserves to be recognized for his hard work.
Spring break is going nicely. Ben's getting lots of rest and I'm getting so
me spring cleaning done. My office is the victim for today! There's so much paper work with Mom's stuff. The shredder is going to get a workout today!

Happy Easter, happy spring!

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