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New beginnings...

We started our new year off with a brisk snowshoe hike at the golf course. It was really nice and sunny (and chilly). The snow was undisturbed except for the cross country ski tracks and critter prints. Jim took us under a tunnel near the tracks, which ended up by Main Street. Not bad, but we decided to hike across the lake/swamp to the car. The reeds were my height and I followed the guys, but had some problems staying upright. (QUACK!) By the time we got past the lake, I'd taken off my vest, jacket, scarf, hat, and mittens! Whew, that was work. We walked about 2 1/2 miles (a fat-burning pace).
Ben is back at school and Angelika (a German Amity) moved in yesterday. She works with the German language class at the high school.
I sewed St. Brigid together and I have to make a decision...because I added the extra rows to the sleeves, I don't like the underarm. I can solve this two ways--stitch a "cleaner" line to make an attractive transition OR take the sleeves out and reknit them. I'll have to take some time with this one.
The Kilimanjaro is started,
and while the lace is easy to knit, I have to focus--not the project to take to Friendship Fridays! I'll stick to gnomes!


Joanne said...

St Brigid looks fabulous. Can you take off the sleeves and then pick up stitches along the armhole and do a 3 needle bind off type seam with the sleeves around the armhole? Would that help? Without being there, it is hard for me to help. :( You can do it and you will wear it soon.
Love ya, Joanne

Margie said...

That hike sounds and looks amazing.I cant believe the height of those reeds, its amazing. Aslo the tracks in the snow have a similar cable like pattern to the St Brigid. What a dilemma with the finished piece. It sure does look incredible, a fantastic project. I am on the mend at last.hugs Margie.

Kathy said...

Happy New Year!

You both look so cute on your snow shoed hike. Walking in those reeds would creep me out. Wasn't that a scene in Lord of the Rings?

St. Brigid looks beautiful! What is it that you're unhappy with on the sleeve seams? It would be such a drag to have to re-knit both sleeves. There has to be a better way.

Deborah said...

Come to think of it, I did feel a bit like a Hobbit and I sensed unsavory eyes watching me in the reeds (Golom?)! I needed Legolas to pull me out!!! (Help! Help!)