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Cozy day

Thankfully I don't have to be anyplace until later today (bells). I can get some things done around the house and paper work (my least favorite thing to do!). A fire might be nice later this morning. It's gray and quiet today, which is nice. Mom and I watched the inauguration yesterday and we sang along with the national anthem. She was very enthusiastic and we had fun. Having been through a few presidents, this one stands out like Kennedy for me. I came home for lunch and sat in front of the TV and had a bowl of tomato soup and a toasted cheese sandwich watching Kennedy being sworn in. It's nice to see hope and a festive atmosphere for a change in Washington, although I know the honeymoon will end at some point! For now it's a welcome change.
I've finished knitting the green-clad gnome and need to felt him today. I swatched the Araucania yarn for the cardigan and it's going to be nice. I had to drop needle size because the yarn is heavy worsted/chunky. I'm knitting the small, so that's okay. Poor St. B. has the neckband clipped on and ready to sew. I don't know why I'm dragging on this project. I want to wear it, but can't seem to get it done! We'll see how today goes... In the meantime--some winter photos for your viewing pleasure.

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