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I'm actually home today and because I'm in front of the 'puter, I'm not getting anything done! I've decided to make St. B.'s underarm seam a bit smoother--no frogging for me! It just needed to sit for a few days. I'll probably do the neckband cable again. I don't like the seam and I think in my rush to finish I went beyond 8 rows on a cable or two--grrr...
I like the way you block a tam on the dinner plate! Look closely at my photo, you can see my cool new glasses!
In the meantime, I finished the Aran Tam from One Skein WondeIrs. I'd never used Berroco's Ultra Alpaca. It's a dream to knit with, and is so soft on the head. No scratching! I love my little pom pom. The one in the book is too big and looks sloppy. There is a mistake in the chart on rows 7 and 8. It's easy to correct and I had no problems with the pattern.
Kilimanjaro is progressing (I didn't think about all the ends to weave when it's done--as usual I was seduced by the colors!).
We're supposed to get snow today. I just saw a flake float by! Better get some more firewood! I'll miss Friendship Friday today. Angelika has errands and Jim is involving me in Gray Wolf. Since I don't have my scout shirt anymore I have to wear his XL and it needs to be tucked in--that should be interesting!

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