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It was so cold...

It was so cold...Starbucks was serving coffee on a stick! Brrrr...it is cold. I was on my way to yoga when the temp on my car mirror read -21. That was the low. It's -11 and I can feel a big difference--NOT. Just kidding, for me heat is worse than cold. We have a mini-thaw next week and I figure with temps in the 30s we'll have to break out the summer clothing and grill some burgers and brats!
I finished my red Aran Tam II. I love it. It's just warm enough and so soft. My Mom said the old ladies used to make them for kids when she was a little girl, which would have been in the 1920s.
I also finished knitting my gnomette. I hand felted her in the kitchen sink and it went quickly. I'm shredding some Lamb's Pride bulky for her hair. I'll needle felt that on and then fix her face. I Swiss darned a heart on her hat before I felted her. It looks cute. The Valentine in the photo is one I got as a kid.
Time for jammies and knitting!

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Kathy said...

Can you believe this weather? Do you know it's going to be almost 80 in Phoenix today? What the heck! Javacicles suck.

Your tams are so cute, and it looks cute on you. You've been a knitting fiend lately. There must be lots of good temptations at the store--I'll have to get in there.

Keep warm!