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Yowza! Brain freeze!

03.12.08 Eevee and I went on our morning walkies. I knew it was chilly so I wore my long coat, felted mittens, knit collar, and handspun hat. I felt pretty good until we turned the corner near the neighborhood park. The wind seems to be so strong there. Anyway, it was really cold! I checked the temp on my computer and it's 17! Whaaa? It was 40 yesterday! Frankly, I don't mind the cold, but that sunshine and clear sky can be deceiving. We don't have any snow--it's all south of here as usual.
I have one pair of Cottage Socks finished and am on pair #2. I found a kid's slipper pattern and will use the leftover chunky yarn for those. I'm going to rewrite my own version of the cottage socks because I don't like the heel or toe.
07.12.08 Wow, I've been busy! Jim and I had a fun weekend. On Saturday, we did the Reindeer Ru
n/Walk around Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. It was bitter cold, and sunny. The snow and the festive costumes of some of the participants added to the atmosphere of fun. The long-sleeved tee was a welcomed added layer of warmth!
In the evening, we went to the
Madrigal dinner at a local high school. The daughter of our friends helped write and had a starring role. Her father directed the production. What a talented group of singers, actors, and musicians!
we drove up to the tree farm in the morning to get our tree. Eevee went along for the ride and thoroughly enjoyed romping in the snow helping us look for the Christmas tree. Maybe she was flushing out the critters! The tree is up, but not decorated--yet. I had to finish the little Scrunchy Slippers for Jim's great-nephews. I had plenty of chunky yarn left from the Cottage Socks, and I timed myself knitting the last one this morning--40 minutes! Glad they're done! Now I can move on to other stuff, like the cards! Brother! Christmas is sneaking up quickly this year. Ben won't be home until Christmas Eve, so I have time to get something done for him.
We have snow in the forecast again today and I have class later this morning and help night tonight. Time to get going!


Kathy said...

Send me your rewritten instructions for the Cottage Socks. Those look great. What kind of yarn have you been using?

Up for coffee Friday? It might be our last chance to get together before Christmas. Email me if you're up for it.

Deborah said...

For the socks I used a double strand of Encore Chunky. They're nice and thick. I haven't rewritten the pattern, yet--I have scribblings.

Joanne said...

Your cottage socks are great! Such a good idea. I am glad you are revising it.