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Snowed in

Today is baking day. I made a pan of bars last night, have a batch of cranberry/chocolate chip/pecan/toffee bits/oatmeal cookies ready to bake and will probably do at least three more favorites--peanut butter blossoms, wedding cakes, and Ben's favorite--iced brown sugar cut outs using my Grandmother's cookie cutters. He likes the polar bears. It's snowing like mad, so I have an excuse to stay in.
Last night on my way home from work there was a crowd on the hill sledding, (Ohio--sliding, Minnesota). When the temps warm a little, I may venture out and skate this year.
And now, let's all sing...this is the scarf that never ends, it just goes on and on my friends...! I finished the scarf and steamed it so I could wear it. It needs to be wet-blocked and it looks like today may be the day to do that. The scarf is very long. When I steamed it, I used lavender laundry spray and it smells wonderful! Talk about aroma therapy! I have it on, now. I must look a sight in my chunky shearling boots, sheep print PJs, and colorful scarf! I'm comfy, though and that's all that matters. Eevee loves to poke her nose in the snow. She enjoys running around, but when she's ready to come inside and get a treat, she's READY to come in.
On the St. Brigid front--she's back on the nee
dles and I'm adding the extra 21-row repeat. I have the extra yarn and I think it'll be worth the effort. The sleeves are finished and I can begin to sew when I finish the front. It's good to get back to it. While prepping for the holidays, it was nice to have an easy project. One of my students gave me a gift certificate for the shop and I splurged on Folk Knitting by Mags Kandis. Nice projects. The newer book on color is nice, but this little gem has more variety.
The Christmas tree is so pretty and I love to take photos of it. The crystal holly leaf is the newest ornament from our trip last summer. We visited the
Swarovski factory in Innsbruck again (it's fun to wander amongst the sparkles). Most of my ornaments are wooden, but I like my crystal snowflakes, little pig, and now the holly. They add such a nice touch when the lights shine through the crystal. I'm the little pilot beside the Eiffel Tower. Some of our ornaments are from our world travels. What wonderful memories! They also didn't take up precious room in the luggage!
Tomorrow we pick Ben up from the airport. I cannot wait to see him. We've enjoyed the coach's blog. The swimmers have worked hard, but also had fun on their training trip in Florida.


Kathy said...

You had a busy day. I hope you find time to put your feet up and enjoy a glass of something good. That's what I'm doing right now while I'm waiting for my potatoes to finish cooking for potato soup.

I like your scarf. You'll have to bring it the next time we get together. By the way, I'm only a transplanted Wisconsinite, but I call it sledding myself.

Joanne said...

Great scarf! How long is it, anyway?