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Life Is Good mug with hot cocoa? Check. Warm boots? Check. Sock Monkey PJs? Check. Seat in front of the fireplace by Christmas tree? Check. Knitting project? CHECK! I know I have to finish St. Brigid, but I needed to do some No Brain Knitting. I'm liking the colors better in the scarf. It's going to be nice and l-o-n-g! The knitted dolls are Tomten and Helga. I made them for my sister. She loved the dolls I made for her--I liked knitting fun things for her, and miss doing that.
I've also been taking more photos of projects for my Ravelry page. The Binglebangles are fun to knit and I may do more for quick gifts. Humpty Dumpty wanted to model a bracelet.
It's time to get my errands done and eat lunch (not in that order!). Before I go, h
ere's a funny from a little book (Fraulein Bo-Peepen by Dave Morrah) I found at Half Price Books:

Fraulein Bo-Peepen

Fraulein Bo-Peepen
Ben losen der sheepen
Und puzzlen mit der gelooken.
Later der sheepen ben homen gecreepen
Mit tailers behinder geshooken.


Anonymous said...

I recognized your boots ! Santa Claus !!! Its you ! With your mug of hot cocoa ! I know that Santa loves knitting too ! I like your Humpty Dumpty, so sweet ! Shall i wish you a lovely night ? for the 24th and courage ! I hope you won't be freezing... the 24th... Hé hé :) My daughter is waiting... She relies on you ;)
Merry Christmas !

Deborah said...


Margie said...

Hi Deborah, Humpty looks very happy, which is what I imagine you are in that photo, relaxing with your knitting in front of the fire with your hot drink and your knitting.
hugs Margie.