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St. Brigid

St. Brigid
Dutch School
c. 1510
I finally have St. Brigid pinned down and I'm so happy. The cables are so beautiful. The texture is amazing. It's exciting to finish be close to finishing this project. A labor of love.
Now it's time to swatch Kilimanjaro and I found out today that I have to go down a needle
size and the lace pattern is not a multiple of 9 + 4, but a multiple of 9 + 5. Anyway, I think it'll go fine and the color changes will be interesting. (Famous last words!) St. Brigid of the Dutch School seems to approve of my effort!
We had a lot of snow today and the roads were slippery. The wind is blowing and the temperatures are dropping. A good time to hunker down and keep cozy!


beemybear said...

Really beautiful!
Best wishes for 2009!

Margie said...

What an achievement. The colour and pattern look fantastic. Mel and Chris are enjoying some powdery snow in Connecticut too. Stay warm and cozy and enjoy the New Year in. hugs Margie.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ! Marvelous !
Happy New Year Deborah !!!