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Rainy day baking

Our neighbors gave us apples recently. They smell and taste wonderful. I'd already made apple-cranberry crisp earlier in the week. Jim really wanted a pie, so today was the perfect day to bake. I didn't make too much crust, so my lattice is wimpy. The weather is quickly changing over the next couple of days from the 60s to the 30s!
I'm editing a hat pattern I wrote for the shop and want to have it done for tomorrow. I can also take along the unassembled spindles
for class. Speaking of spinning...I did a skein of my Cormo/silk blend election night. It came out really nicely. Now I just have 12 more ounces to go!
I stopped by the shop yesterday to knit a few rows on my St. Brig
id sleeves. I needed to be home and cleaning up my office/art room. The oddball tub was too full, so I started to wind the leftovers into balls. I've got some nice colors! It gave me a little room, but I still need to get another tub to fill (or two). Hummm...
The pumpkins still need leaves and curlicues. I think my little white one looks more like an onion right now. I haven't taken out the plastic bags, and still have to stuff them.


Kathy said...

Yummy! I cheated and made turnovers with puff pastry out of the freezer. Shhh. You, however, rival Martha. Good job.

Love the punkins. I think you're being too hard on the little white one. Looks like a pumpkin to me. K-ute.

Joanne said...

Those pumpkins are great! I saw them on Ravelry last night. I really like your yarn too, good job!