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I thought I'd take a break from photographing knitting and show photos of some of my paintings. I switch certain ones around with the seasons. The single leaf was done with a painting knife. That was fun to do and I like the texture. The Weinturm (wine tower) is in Bad Windsheim, Germany near our old apartment. It was November and very chilly the day I hid behind a hay bale to paint. The other two landscapes are from a trip to Ireland years ago. One is of the Slieve League cliffs and the cottages are in Glencolumbkille, county Donnegal. I loved that area and hope to return someday. It's chilly and sunny out today. I was surprised it wasn't warmer. (I just noticed the afternoon sun made the colors appear too warm in the Ireland paintings--I'll have to redo the photos.)
I'm on row 71 of 112 for St. B.'s sleeves. Sigh, I h
ope to be done soon. Ugh! I tripped up on chart A--the easiest knit/purl combination--a four stitch, four row repeat. Good grief. I'm on the right track, now. I had to get new cable needles because I must have dropped the one I was using and I lost my box of small, flat stitch markers over the weekend!! Jeez-Louise! Enough whining, I still love making the sweater and will be able to wear it soon enough--it will be done when it's done!


Margie said...

Deborah, your really are multi talented. Those paintings are great. I am very impressed by them. That is annoying about your knitting, but hopefully it will be better this week. I have done no knitting for the last three days, so hope to get some done tomorrow. Margie.

Kathy said...

You're good! You should get back into it.

Sounds like you've had your nose to the grindstone on St. Brigid, but I'm glad that you're still having fun with it. Sorry for your tool losses. I moved my chair to give the carpet a good vac and found about a half dozen stitch markers stuck in the rug. They have a mind of their own.