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Darth likes oatmeal for breakfast

I made the red Darth for Jim and he liked it, however, he wanted it to cover his earlobes.  In the stash was a whole skein of Lamb's Pride Bulky in oatmeal.  I added about 1/2-inch or so to the length and it's perfect.
For the first time since living overseas, we went to a restaurant for Thanksgiving.  Buca de Beppo had turkey with all the fixings (and pumpkin cannolis for dessert) as well as their usual Italian fare.  It is such a fun place to go and the atmosphere was festive and busy!  We bundled up Mom and brought her along.  She loved getting out and about.  She really likes the heated front seat in Jim's car.
So hard to believe it is Black Friday.  Jim went out to get Eevee a new dog bed.  He is taking his time or he is stuck in line somewhere!  I am watching all the hubbub on the news.    Now I have to get down to business and get the Christmas cards going and get some shopping done.  We went out this morning after the big rush.  We got Ben a nice top coat at Jos. A. Banks.  Next year a new suit will be in order.
Photo from Anthropologie's website
Since we were out and about, we looked around the shops at Arbor Lakes.  It was clear and very cold.  We stopped at Anthropologie--I love looking in there.  Anyway, Jim asked the sales lady about the "Adopt a Tree(s)" that were part of the holiday decorations.  All you had to do was choose one of the live trees and they put your name on a card hanging from the tree.  After Christmas we will pick up the tree and then when the ground thaws in the spring, we will be able to plant it.  What a great idea--a free tree!  I also got the cute dress in the photo.  It looked really cute and I think I will get a lot of wear out of it.  The fine-wale corduroy skirt is a lovely print and reminds me of Russian nesting dolls.


Margie said...

Hi Deb, I think the oatmeal Darth hat is even nicer than the red one. You are such a great knitter. Can you believe how close to Christmas it is.You are doing well to be prepared already.We have the family over next weekend for Sinterklaas, so will be having our celebrations then as they are going to Connecticut for the holidays. Hugs, Margie,

Joanne said...

Great outfit! I am so glad you were able to get it! I really like Buca De Beppo too. I didn't know they did turkey etc for Thanksgiving, that is a great idea.
Jim's hat looks great too.