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Happy Thanksgiving!

19.11.10  Next week is Thanksgiving.  I picked out our turkey yesterday.  We will have our dinner on Saturday because we will be taking Mom out on Thanksgiving day.  Actually, I am okay with that!  I love cooking, but it will feel less rushed and no clean-up after the meal.  Jim made reservations at a restaurant in Maple Grove.
I am getting the house ready for Ben's visit.  Jim will be picking him up with two more in tow on Saturday.  Today I found the Thanksgiving trolls.  Grandma C. got them for Ben when he was just a little guy and we put them out every year.  They are silly-cute and it would not be Thanksgiving without them.
The Colours of Ireland vest is back on the list of WIPs to finish.  It is a bit worrisome because I am working the back and am hoping to have enough for the fronts and trim.  Jim wants his Darth hat a bit longer to cover his earlobes, so Ben will probably get the first hat.  I have a skein of oatmeal Lamb's Pride Bulky in the stashand will use that for his hat.
23.11.10 When I got home from class on Sunday the guys were home.  It is always a relief to see them after the long trip home.
The temperature has dropped and the skies are clear.  Sunday the roads were treacherous, as we had a coating of ice on the roads.  The last wheel spinning class went well, and my students had some plied yarn at the end.  Now I have to regain my spinning mojo so we can have a more advanced class.  An art yarn class is in my future plans.
Something finally clicked with my last Wood Badge ticket.  I am just about finished with typing the last couple of months--February and March.  I should have it finished by the end of the week.  At last night's meeting the young scouts worked on a First Class requirement for first aid.  One of the Troop Guides was there and he did an awesome job with the boys.  Mike, the Scoutmaster, had a fun activity for the troop.  He cut foam tubinglengthwise in sections, marbles, and duct tape.  When I walked in the room, it was wild!  It was fun to see scouts of all ages building tracks for the marbles.

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Margie said...

Hi Deborah, Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you have a Troll of a time...he he! They bring me back to when Mel was a baby, she had one and would not go anywhere without it. Hugs, Margie.