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I was making a yummy sound while showing off my roving at Shepherd's Choice
This was a great week for me...I had a drop-spindle class on Tuesday and then my first wheel-spinning class on Sunday.  It was a nice break from knitting and it is always exciting to teach others a new skill.  I finished spinning the yellow and brown roving and it's plied and ready to block.  I do not know what it will grow up to be, but the yardage will have a lot to do with the decision.
I finished one of the mittens.  I liked the French knots and daisy stitches on the originals in the book, but I wear my mittens pretty hard, so I opted for Swiss darning and straight stitches for embellishment.  I also picked up three stitches rather than just one for the thumb and it fits much better.  The mittens fit me perfectly.  I started the decreases for the top of the hand right after I finished the chart.  They would have been too long otherwise.  On to the next project--Kathy wanted something out of  Country Classic Yarn for Sox, and I chose a warm cocoa color.  I'm surprised this is considered sock yarn.  Naturally, I had something else in mind and perused the patterns.  I came across a pattern I had in my collection and it would only take three hanks.  At $8.25 a hank that is a good deal!
We are enjoying the last of the unusually warm temperature and by week's end a mix of snow and rain are expected.  I'll have to bring in some wood so I can be ready for a cozy fire this weekend.  I have a good supply of Digestive biscuits thanks to Jim, and it may be time to check the pantry for cocoa.  
The squirrels are scrambling to hide acorns.  They had a bumper crop this year.  When we would pull into the driveway it sounded like bubble wrap popping.  
Today I'm meeting some friends for knitting and I am excited.  We had a good time last month.  I have time today to work on that last Wood Badge ticket--I'm very motivated to finish by year's end.


Margie said...
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Joanne said...

Oh, it is good to see you spinning! Gee, I miss spinning with you. :) Love those mittens and the vest is a great idea. Silver squirrels! We have the red ones here, but I grew up with the silver ones, they are sooo pretty to me.