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What a difference a week makes

Just when you think there is plenty of time before winter comes--watch out!  I woke up yesterday and looked out the kitchen window to a winter wonderland.  The weather report the night before predicted we would get snow, but I thought it might track southeast of us (as usual).  Wow!  Jim took me to work with Ben's car, with 4-wheel drive.  A little while ago I heard the snow plow go down the street; at least we have a clear path through the neighborhood.  One advantage to living in Minnesota is that we know how to handle snow!
I still had my dual-cable hat class and it was so nice to have one of my friends in class.  The other gal couldn't get out because of the snow, so we'll do a make-up class later.  Hopefully the weather will be nicer next weekend.  Now my challenge is to find a good parking spot and not slip and fall with Louie in hand!  That would not be pretty.  Today we will work on plying yarn.  I'm gathering some samples of yarn I have spun from different types of fibers.  I re-marked pages in my book and printed out some free information from Spin-Off Magazine.  It is the same brochure we received in spin class at Woolenworks in Texas. 
Progress on the second mitten is going well.  I was waiting for Jim after class and I wandered around the shop looking at patterns, etc.  I found a beautiful book by Anna Zilboorg, Magnificent Mittens & Socks: The Beauty of Warm Hands and Feet.  The projects look like the mittens I'm knitting, but on steroids.  They are beautiful works of art. 
18.11.10  I was asked by a fellow Raveler (choochooknits on Ravelry) to test-knit her hat pattern called Darth.  I like the story behind it.  The ribbing design looks like Darth Vader's mask and the minute her husband put it on he said, "Luke, I am your fa-ther".  Anyway, I had some lovely red Lamb's Pride Bulky in the stash and went to work.  I really enjoyed making it and it was a quick project.  I even used double-point needles through the whole pattern.  The cables and decreases at the top make a nice design on top.  Jim has a new hat, he's pretty happy...however he asked me if it was washable--I told him I would wash it!


Margie said...

Great hat Deb and it looks great on Jim. The Darth Vader reference is funny. Wow the snow is really in there. Keep warm and safe. We still have temps well above freezing. Hugs, Margie.

Deborah said...

Thanks, I like Jim in red. The hat is a great pattern for guys.

It's cold today, too. No new snow since last weekend and I think we are supposed to get some more next week.


Joanne said...

Oh,SNOW! How wonderful! I know it was a bit of a surprise, but it can be fun.

Darth, the red hat, is really a great pattern!