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I have to say I've had a very colorful fall thus far.  All the projects of late have been with the same oddments of yarn.  I'm thinking it's time for some cables.  I was at the shop yesterday and a yarn rep was there.  She's very nice and it was fun to see her wares and samples.  After I stayed longer than I'd intended (no surprise there) I drove up to Elk River to pick up flint and steel for Jim.  Track of the Wolf wasn't open on time, so I went into town and stopped at Diamond City Breads for some goodies.  I had to get a loaf of Rhubarb Fritter Bread and some rustic Olive Bread--and then I saw the oatmeal cookies.  Since I had a cup of coffee, I thought it would be something tasty--it was!  Of course, the oatmeal is very healthy, the chocolate chips provide energy, and the pecans have "good" fat.  Yup, that's how I see it.  On the way home I stopped to get the ingredients for Hudson Bay Bread.  Tonight is Round Table and Jim's doing a presentation on high adventure for Scouts.  The bread is like an energy bar and very high in calories.  The recipe comes from the Northern Tier.
Today it's really chilly, windy, and the clouds look pretty against the bright blue sky.  I went to yoga class this morning, and now I have to take Eevee for walkies.  The cold air and wind put a spring in her step.
My Mmmittens are coming along despite my inattention to stitch count and a dropped stitch.  Good thing it's a small project and easy to frog and re-knit.  I know they will be lovely, warm mittens when they are finished.  The stranding makes a thicker fabric.  I'm keeping the floats fairly small so my fingers don't get caught.  I'll have to  take a photo before I have to frog back to the dropped stitch...
5.11.10  November is whizzing by!  I have to check Louie out to make sure he's ready for class on Sunday.  
The Hudson Bay Bread was a big hit last night.  It's really good, but it's high in calories--I had to use some restraint not to eat more.  
I'm back on track with the mittens.  I didn't like the green against the natural, so I switched to gray for the background of the hand.  I like it better.  I slip the mitten on now and then to check the size.  Fair Isle knitting can be tricky when it comes to gauge.  You have to knit at just the right tension so the floats aren't too tight or too loose.  So far, so good.  

7.11.10  I just now took some photos to post.  Another frog of the mitten :(--I'm catching the floats every other stitch.  I don't want my fingers to get caught on the inside.  The tension is better, too.  Today is my first wheel spinning class.  I read through my book last night and marked some pages.  I have to copy handouts for the students before I go.  Louie is ready to show his stuff and I think I am ready to teach.  I did a one-on-one with Kathy and she was a quick study.  I've never had this many at one time.  It will be a fun-filled session! 
Yesterday was Sharefest at church.  We made over $10,000 yesterday!  The funds made at the bazaar go to help fight world hunger.  I love the International Table and bought some pewter ornaments from Germany.  One has a pin and the ornaments can be changed out.  I think the Nutcracker will be a good one to wear during the holidays!


Kathy said...

Hey, I remember old Louie! That was fun.

I love your new mittens. Great color combo. Hope the nice fall weather hangs on so that you won't need them very soon, though.

Deborah said...

Thanks! They will be nice to wear SOON!

Joanne said...

Your mittens are gorgeous! You are doing a great job. I like those little ornaments too, very pretty.