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Autumn days

October is starting off with the loveliest weather and color!  Over the weekend we went down to Base Camp near the airport for the dedication.  It's also a short walk to historic Ft. Snelling.  We enjoyed talking to one of the residents.  She had a great pair of double fabric mittens and I hope to get the pattern soon (vintage pattern).  She dyed the wool a lovely shade of gold with onion skins.  I'll have to start saving onion skins again.  You can just barely see them in the left side of the photo on the windowsill.  Anyway, we watched the marching and charge.  One poor kid bit the dust.  I can imagine that happened in war, too!
It was chilly enough to wear warm clothing.  I was happy to have the handspun scarf along.

On Sunday, we took a walk in Elm Creek Park to look at the leaves.  It was so pretty and slightly warmer than Saturday.  The range of colors from the sumac amazes me.  At the end of the path before the parking lot was a section of wildflowers hanging on. 

06.10.10 I got some welcome news yesterday--The beginning spinning instructor can't do the class and asked if I would like to do it.  YES!  I really wanted to teach wheel spinning in addition to drop spindling.  i have to work out some details with Kathy, but I'm sure we can get things going and reschedule so everyone that signed up can be there.  

I'm going to have that second cup of coffee before cleaning the house.  I don't want to have to think about it after today.  We have a busy rest of the week/weekend coming up!
Yes, the sky really was that blue and the tree was just popping out against that clear sky.  Just beautiful!


Kathy said...

Aren't we having some beautiful fall weather? Enjoy it while we can...

Joanne said...

Oh, thank you for the fall colors!!! I still miss them. We are still green here.