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Color and more color!

It was another glorious autumn weekend and we enjoyed helping out at the first overnight Cub Camporee for the district.  Jim was in compass and then fitness, and I was in Cub Knowledge and flag-folding.  We were pretty tired by the end of the day, not having worked with the young scouts for a long time, but it was great fun to see the boys having fun! 
Now that most of the fall colors are past peak, I'm working on the color sample scarf again.  I have to admit, knitting forty stitches in the round have been tough on the right wrist, though.  I'm slowing down a bit (which is difficult, as I love to see what's next) and will take time to weave in a few ends.
Most of the leaves are raked and mulched.  I enjoyed using Jim's new toy.  The bag got a bit heavy, but it made quick work of the leaf piles and they fit in the recycling bin for yard waste.  Eevee still manages to track in leaves.  I couldn't believe the acorns!  No wonder the squirrels were so happy this year!  Even though we mulched some of them, there are still plenty to go around.  Speaking of acorns, the tiny knitted acorn was made by my friend, Kathy. It's about the size of a real acorn and I want to put a pin back on it so I can wear it.  She's a very talented person, which reminds me...we need to make time for coffee, soon!

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Margie said...

Hi Deborah, you are the winner of our Giveaway....Congratulations.
I must say you look great with the mulcher and the knitted acorns are so pretty, very intricate work to make them so tiny. Hugs, Margie.