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Indian Summer

This has been quite an unusual week with temperatures in the 70s and now 80s!  The breeze is nice and the skies are clear blue, which makes for a nice background for the fall colors.
Yesterday we had a lovely day of "museuming."  My brother and sister-in-law are visiting from Texas, and we loaded Mom and her wheelchair into the car and visited two museums--theMuseum of Russian Art and the MIA.  I'd not taken the time to go to the MORA and it was wonderful to see such a gem!  The current exhibit features paintings by Vasili Nechitailo.  He's a master of capturing light and his expressive brushwork add dimension to his paintings.  Downstairs there was a textile room and on display were beautiful distaffs and peasant clothing and lovely embroidered linens.  A visual feast!  The shop was very nice and I bought a few pins to brighten up my sweaters. 

Today (Saturday) I spent the day spinning at the shop.  It was just like the old days in Texas.  It was fun to sit outside, spin, visit, and laugh!  I finished a small skein of pencil roving and it will be a perfect addition of color to a plain cap.  I have lots of plain wool spun into yarn and it's always nice to have some color added.  MiniD and Jojo kept us company.  Earlier in the week, I got a call that Jody would not be able to teach the beginning spinning class.  I will now be the teacher and I am so excited for the opportunity to teach spinning in addition to knitting. 

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Joanne said...

So glad that you all could enjoy the museum. Spinning! Yippeeeee! CONGRATS on being the new beginner teacher. That's great. I also see the wheel, that won the ribbon at the state fair. That is too cool that you actually were able to meet the owner. :)