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A score at Half Price and a new magazine!

I was running errands after lunching with Mom and finally took two bags of books to Half Price Books.  While waiting, I looked through the knitting books and didn't see anything spectacular--until I looked on the top of the bookcase and there was a book I'd been interested in for some time. Icelandic Knitting Using Rose Patterns, by Hélène Magnússon.  I love intarsia knitting and Icelandic wool, so it's a great find.  burda Verena Knitting was my other find at Joanne, ETC.  I was hoping to get this issue because I liked many of the projects I'd seen online...also intarsia...I'm suspecting I have a theme going on...
It was such a gorgeous day and happily my little burning bushes are showing their colors! Eevee enjoyed the fresh air while I was taking photos. 


Joanne said...

What great finds at Half Price! Wonderful fall colors and Eevee is just too pretty for words. What a sweetie.

Deborah said...

Thank you! Even though my shrubs are small, they are pretty this year.

Yes, Eevee is a sweet girl. She's 10! You can see the gray on her muzzle.