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Today it's cloudy and breezy.  The winds of change are coming.  The leaves are passing their peak colors.  I took Mom for a walk yesterday.  She enjoyed the fresh air and remaining colors.  We picked up a couple of little pine cones and some lovely scarlet maple leaves.  She used to tuck leaves into her letters and books she'd send to me when we lived in Germany.  Before the leaves are all gone, I want to press some between wax paper, which I haven't done since I was a kid.  Winter will be here soon enough.  The critters are scrambling to stash the remaining acorns.  I made an apple pie, too.  Mmmm...the crust is so flaky and the house smells as good as the pie tastes!
Ahhh, it felt good to be teaching again last night!  I had my first class, we made knitted ornaments, and it was fun.  The pattern worked great (I only have one number to correct) and I'll be able to correct that easily and print some more.  Before class, I went in early to teach a young woman how to use a drop spindle so she could teach an actress at the Lyric Arts Theater how to use the spindle during  an upcoming play.  She made her spindle with a pencil, cup hook and cardboard disc (she found the instructions online).  I cut a tiny notch in the disc to keep the fiber from sliding around.  Her spindle worked fine as a learning tool.  Speaking of spinning, I'm excited that the spinning classes are filling up!  It will be a refreshing change of pace for me to teach both advanced knitting along with spinning.  Good things come to those who wait...
The big camporee is this weekend.  I need to practice setting up Big Agnes.  We had the pole repaired and were lucky not to have to pay--the poles were still under warranty.  The theme for the camproee is CSI.  The scouts will have fun with that!  They have to solve a murder mystery and of course realistic first aid will be involved!  
I'm knitting away on the scarf and should be finished soon.  I don't know what I'll make after that.  Heaven knows I have plenty of yarn in the stash!  I typically make something cabled after using lots of color, and I have the lovely tweed handspun I made during the Tour de Fleece over the summer.
22.10.10  Already Friday and I'm burning daylight.  Time to get ready for the campout this weekend.  We went grocery shopping with the Grubmaster last night and got the items loaded in the coolers and tubs.  I set up Big Agnes and she's looking good.  I'm happy to have the new tent poles.  Naturally the dry weather we've been having will end over the weekend and Stearns always manages to get rain.  Ben and Scott would stand on top of the climbing tower and watch the weather when they worked at camp.
The leaves continue to fall and the back yard is full again.  The maple trees are holding on tight and have barely turned yellow this year.  Eevee brings in lots of the outdoors inside.  It seems I have as many leaves inside as outside.
I finished knitting the short cardigan and now I have to block it.  I'd like to get the large buttons painted today so I can sew them on when I get back from camp.  
Well, it's almost time to leave for camp, so no painting today.  My backpack is ready and I made sure to tuck in some gloves and a hat if it gets really cold tonight.


Kathy said...

Hope you can stay warm and mostly dry this weekend. We knew it couldn't last forever, right?

Glad to hear that you're back teaching. You have lucky students!

Deborah said...

Thanks. I can't say that I stayed completely dry. My tent was nice and dry inside, but I need new rain gear! AAAAK!