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Autumn projects

The weather has been just gorgeous the past couple of days. The cupboards throughout the house are done and the new handles in the family room and kitchen/dining room are perfect.  They are rustic iron and have a bit of red in them.  Now we just need to decide on flooring and of course I'll have to paint!
Last week at Stitch & Pitch I started a short cardigan and it's progressing nicely.  I love the yarn and will have to find one or two great buttons for the finishing touch.
Today I stopped by the grocery store after church and picked up a couple of pie pumpkins.  They are so perfect and I'm always a bit sad to cut them up, but there is something about using fresh pumpkin for baking.  Mmmm...I love this time of year!
The ceramic apple is the cookie jar that sat in the corner of my Mom's kitchen.  I loved to open the lid and the inside is a sunny yellow.  I haven't used it for cookies, but I enjoy having it in the kitchen.  The plaid lunchbox was my sister's and then I used it.  The thermos is long gone but it's another item that brings back many memories.  We lived very close to the school and could walk home for lunch.  It was always special to be able to use it.  Mom would wrap the sandwich in wax paper and then I can remember either a banana or apple for dessert.  

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Kathy said...

Ain't fall great? I haven't picked up pumpkins yet, but we did visit a couple of apple orchards yesterday.

By the way, your new kitchen looks beautiful!